“Not guilty”: Umar Zameer and family burst into tears after verdict in Toronto officer’s death


An emotional scene unfolded inside of a Toronto courtroom on Sunday, after Umar Zameer learned he was found not guilty of first degree murder and the lesser charges the jury was considering. He was being trialled in the death of Det. Const. Jeffrey Northrup, who died on July 2, 2021 after being hit by Zameer’s vehicle in an underground parking garage at Toronto City Hall.

When the verdict was read out on the fourth day of deliberations, Zameer began sobbing and falling into the arms of his lawyers. Meanwhile, Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw — who was with Northrup the night he died — was seen hugging Northrup’s widow after the verdict was announced.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Anne Molloy addressed Zameer briefly before exiting the courtroom, offering “my deepest apologies for what you’ve been through.” Outside the courthouse, Zameer said he “never meant any of this to happen.”

Global’s Catherine McDonald has the latest.

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  1. Lousy police work. They let their emotions and appetite for revenge to influence their investigation and prosecution. The police's post court decision brief illustrates that they still haven't learned. I'm by no means anti police but I hope the defendant files a lawsuit on their actions. Filing 1st degree murder charges on a situation like this was brain dead from the start. Canadian police also have such little transparency. We never see dashboard cameras or body cameras. Cameras aren't allowed into courtrooms. We're entering an age where this needs to change.

  2. Mr. Zameer was found not guilty by a Jury of his peers. The decision was rendered by the Jury after careful deliberation and examination of the evidence admitted for their consideration. The acquital was the correct decision.

    The Chief, would have been correct to say that his Officers were mourning the loss of a collegue, period. To say that the T.P.S. was collectively hoping for a different result is wrong. Police Officers are sworn to uphold the law and excercise their authority with the highest standards and integrity. The Chief should have said, that the T.P.S. accepts the verdict of the Jury. The Chief should also initiate an independant Investigation to review the conduct of the Officers involved in all aspects of this investigation. Starting from the initial contact with Mr. Zameer, the subseqent investigation, gathering of credible evidence and the preparation of a Crown Counsel Brief for the prosecuting Crown Attorney. The ultimate goal is to learn from this, initiate a plan to improve the level of service and ultimately prevent a tragedy such as this from occurring again.

  3. Another abject failure by the police they didn't want Justice they wanted to get revenge. And the family of that police officer who wished for a different outcome are disgusting and despicable your police officers with their incompetence are the authors of this incident

  4. The cops and prosecution behind this case were corrupt and the cops involved were just dumb. You ambush a man with his family in a dark parking garage with no identification whatsoever, just box him in and bang on his door and you expect him to stop? Not guilty was the necessary verdict in this case. If police can use the "I feared for my life" excuse, why wouldn't they expect that to be reasonable coming from an untrained civilian? Yet they tried to convict him anyway! If he was a cop, he never would have even been charged. I hope he can sue them for the trauma he and his family went through.

  5. The man clearly was in fear of his life and the safety of his family. He didn't mean to kill the officer but the plain clothed officers did not identify themselves with a badge as required by law and blocked him in with a minivan.

    Yeah, this was not murder or even manslaughter because manslaughter means you took a life with reckless disregard but had no intention of taking it. The man didn't take a life with recklessness, he was trying to get away from a pair of men who didn't appear to be police officers and failed to identify as such.

    Guess the racial profiling didnt work so they nailed him with murder.

  6. Where is the common sense of this? How can the chief stand there and have the audacity to say he wanted justice. Justice for the officers would be a full reviee of police policies and someone thst was in charge back in 2021 needa to be accountable. What type of policy allows for beach wear during an investigation??? The wife of the fallen officer should sue the pants off the force not stand up there with them.

  7. How Evil that the cops etc. wanted this man to pay with his life. Cops can cold blooded murder people and be cleared when their buddies "investigate" it. But a man in an accident he didn't cause, they want to destroy. What comes round…

  8. I have ptsd and been in some wild situations growing up if plainclothes people come banging on my window I think I would have done the same thing after coming across someone that had been stabbed all you would be worried about is getting your family out safe it's an unfortunate chain of events but not declaring yourself and in plain clothes what do you expect someone to do

    I hope this changes how police operate you should have to declare yourself show proof if your expecting someone to stop what there doing for you

  9. While I sympathize with the widow of the police officer, if she seeks accountability, then the police department should be held accountable not the innocent man. The police chef and the representative are both disgraceful in their comments. There is no way a sane person would stop for a group of plain clothed personnel approaching them in an empty lot. It’s made worse by banging on the window while there’s a child and a pregnant lady inside. Tragic accident and lost of an officer but I don’t know how that makes the label “hero” justified here. Hope Umar and his family can put this behind him.

  10. The police behaviour towards this innocent man is appalling. Goes to show how many innocent people have been unjustly charged and even convicted when Police lose their sense of reality just to get a conviction.

  11. It’s my opinion that no persons involved in any tragedy shot not get reprimanded because you have to be accountable for your mistakes. Whether they were intentional or not.

    An officer is dead because of what Zameer assumed.

    In all fairness though, the police lied and perhaps that’s why he was acquitted in a speedy fashion. Also because of jail time served.

  12. Why is the widower “disappointed” for Zameer not being UNLAWFULLY charged with murder??
    And why isn’t the police testimony being further investigated for colluding evidence?
    A non-guilty verdict doesn’t change the corruption in the police system. We require the 3 police personals to be investigated for malpractice.

  13. after what Toronto has turned into I don't blame anyone for being fearful when confronted in an underground parkade after being blocked in. The fact his wife wanted a father to get 1st degree is insanity.


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