Government Minister guarantees budget will boost innovation

Minister insists budget won't blunt innovation

“Small Business Minister Rechie Valdez has continued to defend the federal government’s latest budget, despite facing criticism from business owners and entrepreneurs who believe that changes to taxes on capital gains will stifle innovation.

Valdez, in an interview with CTV’s Question Period, emphasized the government’s goal of creating fairness for every generation and highlighted measures in the budget to support small- and medium-sized businesses. One of the key changes includes altering the lifetime capital gains exemption, which has raised concerns among Canadian innovators.

Impact on Innovation:

Shopify president Henry Finkelstein and other industry leaders have expressed apprehension regarding the proposed increase in the taxable portion of capital gains, arguing that it could deter entrepreneurs from taking risks and hinder innovation. Canada’s low productivity levels have also been a cause for alarm, with Bank of Canada officials labeling it as an “emergency.”

Government Response:

Despite these concerns, Valdez reassured Canadians that the government is committed to investing in entrepreneurs and creating a more inclusive environment for businesses to thrive. She pointed to tax cuts for certain businesses and initiatives like the $10-a-day childcare program as evidence of the government’s support for small businesses.


As the debate over the impact of changes to capital gains taxes continues, it is essential for policymakers to carefully consider the potential consequences on innovation and productivity. While the government aims to promote fairness and support businesses, striking a balance that encourages entrepreneurship without stifling growth remains a critical challenge. The voices of entrepreneurs and industry leaders must be heard to ensure that policies align with the country’s economic goals and aspirations.”



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