Experts point to Trudeau as the cause of increasing crime rates, Conservatives claim

Conservatives say Trudeau to blame for rising crime  

“Statistics show a concerning trend in Canadian crime rates, with a significant increase in violent crimes, homicides, and gang-related murders since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office in 2015. The Conservative shadow minister, Rob Moore, believes that the Liberal government’s approach to crime has failed, leading to a less safe environment for Canadians.

**Rising Crime Rates and Public Perception**

According to Stats Canada data from 2022, violent crime has spiked by almost 40%, homicides by 43%, and gang-related murders by a staggering 108%. Despite Trudeau’s gun bans, violent gun crime has seen a 101% increase under his leadership. This alarming trend has left many Canadians feeling less safe than ever before.

A Leger poll conducted in April 2023 revealed that 32% of Canadians believe crime and violence have worsened significantly since the onset of the pandemic, with another 32% stating a slight deterioration. These findings indicate a growing concern among the public regarding their safety in the current societal landscape.

**Legislative Failures and Repercussions**

Moore attributes the surge in crime rates to legislation such as Bill C-75 and Bill C-5, which he claims have created a ‘catch and release’ system, allowing offenders to re-offend despite law enforcement’s efforts to apprehend them. The elimination of mandatory minimum sentences and the facilitation of bail for serious crimes have been divisive issues within the Canadian political landscape.

The Conservative Party criticizes the Liberal government for being ‘soft on crime,’ highlighting instances where individuals on bail have committed further offenses, endangering the community. Moore decries the provisions of Bill C-5 that permit house arrest for crimes like sexual assault, kidnapping, and human trafficking, arguing that such leniency undermines public safety and emboldens repeat offenders.

**A Call for Reform**

As the debate over crime and punishment continues, there is a growing consensus that meaningful reform is essential to address the rising crime rates and ensure the safety of Canadian citizens. The effectiveness of current policies and the need for stricter measures to deter criminal behavior remain contested issues that demand immediate attention.

In conclusion, the surge in crime rates under the Trudeau government has ignited a national conversation about public safety and the efficacy of legislative interventions. As Canadians grapple with the impact of escalating violence and criminal activity, the necessity of comprehensive reform in the criminal justice system has never been more urgent. It is time for policymakers to prioritize the well-being of citizens and implement measures that truly safeguard the security and prosperity of the nation.”



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