Discover the divine nature of Ontario’s independent pro wrestling scene

‘I just love pro wrestling’: The divine nature of Ontario’s independent scene

“In Canada, on a snowy Friday evening in March, a unique gathering took place at a church in the Preston area of Cambridge. Wrestlers and fans alike congregated in the basement of Knox Presbyterian Church to pay homage to the squared circle – a ritual that transcends mere entertainment.”

The Sacred Space of Wrestling
These dedicated grapplers, each with their own dreams and aspirations, step into the ring to showcase their skills and passion for the sport. For some, it is a chance to fulfill a childhood dream, while for others, it is a stepping stone to bigger opportunities in the wrestling world.

“Big” Ben Ortmanns, the mastermind behind the wrestling academy and Uproar series, has cultivated a community within the church walls. The academy, founded a decade ago in Kitchener, provides a platform for wrestlers to hone their craft and showcase their talents. The church basement, an unlikely setting for a wrestling school, has become a second home for these wrestlers during the pandemic.

A Tale of Two Wrestlers
Ahmed Alam, a young wrestler from Toronto, found solace in wrestling after abandoning a career in the life sciences field. Embracing his passion for the sport, Alam embarked on a journey to train and compete in the independent wrestling scene. Wrestling has not only given him confidence but has also led him to a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who share his love for the sport.

Tyler Loveman, on the other hand, discovered his love for wrestling at a young age but initially pursued a conventional path through university. A moment of epiphany led him to follow his childhood dream of becoming a wrestler, despite initial hesitations from his parents. Loveman’s dedication to the sport was tested by a severe injury, but his perseverance and resilience allowed him to overcome the setback and continue pursuing his passion.

The Enduring Spirit of Wrestling
As the night unfolded in the church basement, Alam and Loveman engaged in a thrilling battle, showcasing their skills and determination in the ring. The culmination of their match was a testament to the unwavering spirit and dedication of these wrestlers to their craft.

“5:51 ‘I just love pro wrestling’: The divine nature of Canada’s independent scene” sheds light on the often-overlooked world of independent wrestling, where passion and determination drive wrestlers to pursue their dreams against all odds. In a world where stereotypes and misconceptions about professional wrestling abound, these wrestlers defy expectations and showcase the true essence of the sport.

Through their stories of struggle, perseverance, and triumph, Alam and Loveman embody the spirit of wrestling that transcends mere athleticism. Their journey serves as a reminder of the transformative power of following one’s passion and the sense of community that wrestling provides to those who dare to step into the ring.

In a world filled with uncertainties and challenges, the world of independent wrestling stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us that with dedication and perseverance, dreams can indeed become a reality. As the final bell tolls and the crowd erupts in applause, the wrestlers in the church basement stand as living examples of the indomitable spirit of wrestling – a testament to the enduring legacy of this beloved sport.



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