Curling Canada | Unbeatable Record Continues!


“Team Lott/Lott Dominating at World Mixed Doubles Championship”

Kadriana Lott and Colton Lott from Canada displayed a flawless performance at the 2024 World Mixed Doubles Championship in Oestersund, Sweden. Their perfect record over the weekend has set them on a path to success and instilled a surge of confidence as they head into the next round of matches.

Unbeaten Streak Continues

The husband-and-wife duo showed their strength on the ice with an 11-0 victory over the Netherlands, following an 8-3 win against Czechia earlier on Sunday. With a 3-0 record, Team Lott/Lott is tied with Sweden’s pairing and is brimming with confidence for the challenges ahead.

Kadriana Lott’s Stellar Performance

Kadriana Lott’s exceptional performance on the ice has been a standout feature of the championship. Her consistent shotmaking and high shooting percentages have been key to Canada’s success. With a 98% score in the latest game, Kadriana’s skill and precision have been on full display.

Change in Team Approach

An adjustment in the team’s approach, with Colton Lott now by Kadriana’s side on her shots, has proven to be a winning formula. This change has enhanced their communication and coordination on the ice, leading to a remarkable winning streak of 19 games.

Looking Ahead

With a single game scheduled against South Korea next, Team Lott/Lott will continue to showcase their talent and determination. Fans can catch all the action on The Curling Channel’s live-streaming platform, and stay updated with Team Canada’s progress on social media.

A Bright Future

As the championship progresses, Team Lott/Lott’s success serves as a testament to hard work, teamwork, and relentless dedication. Their remarkable journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring curlers and a reminder of the power of perseverance in achieving greatness on the ice.

In a world where the smallest changes can make the biggest impact, Team Lott/Lott’s story is a testament to the power of teamwork, adaptability, and resilience in the face of challenges.

Photo by World Curling/Céline Stucki



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