Vaisakhi: Thousands fill Surrey streets for annual Sikh celebration


One of the world’s largest Vaisakhi celebrations in the world was underway in Surrey, B.C. on Saturday, with hundreds of thousands flooding the streets for the popular annual event.

Organizers had expected more than 700,000 people to attend the event, a record number for the celebration.

Vasakhi dates back to 1699 and celebrates the revelation of the Khalsa, which refers to a community that considers Sikhism its faith. It has become a holy day to mark the birth of the Khalsa fraternity.

Global’s Safeeya Pirani reports.

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  1. I spent some time homeless on the streets of both Vancouver and Toronto and consistently the Sikh people would set up tents and give out free food. I know many homeless people who would have gone hungry if not for the Sikh people.

  2. One thing I notice is that there are no non-Indian people at this event year after year. If you see other large gatherings in this province there are diverse crowds. Maybe the Punjabi community should work on trying to be more inclusive towards other groups?

  3. Jagmeet pushed Trudeau to increase international student intake particularly from Punjab. These backdoor immigration polices must cease now. These are there just to bolster vote bank.

  4. In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful..

    The Creator is Allaah Exalted and Most High ??? as is well known. To whom belongs the Kingdom of the Seven Heaven's and Earth ? and all in Between. Everything comes as his Creation so Worship is only for him for which we are Created too. Idol Diety and Statue Worship or Norse,Sumerian,Aztek,Avatars,Guru's and Greek Gods or Goddesses are no more than Untrue Myths that have no right to be Worshipped and so why all False Dietys are forbidden by the Prophet Ibraheem until the last day.. God's Grace and Mercy comes free so nobody needs to go through any Idols. Prophet Ibraheem was the Father of the Prophet's and all The Prophet's were Paternal Brothers so no exemption can be made, even with the Final and Seal of the Messengers. Prophet Muhammad. Peace be upon them all and families.


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