Toronto, top in PWHL, secures playoff spot with OT victory in front of record crowd in Montreal

PWHL-leading Toronto clinches playoff berth, wins in OT before record crowd in Montreal

“Record-Breaking Game Sees Toronto Triumph Over Montreal in PWHL Matchup

In a historic and electrifying showdown, Sarah Nurse led Toronto to a thrilling 3-2 victory over Montreal with two goals, including the game-winning shot in overtime. The Bell Centre was buzzing with a record-breaking crowd of 21,105 fans, setting a new benchmark for women’s hockey attendance.

Unprecedented Support for Women’s Hockey

Fans of all ages flooded the arena, proudly displaying signs proclaiming the supremacy of girls’ hockey and eagerly anticipating the future stars of the game. White towels waved, flashing bracelets glowed, and cheers echoed throughout the Bell Centre as spectators witnessed a fiercely competitive battle between two powerhouse teams.

A Clash of Titans

The stage was set for an epic showdown as Toronto’s Kristen Campbell stood tall with 37 saves, frustrating Montreal’s offensive efforts. Blayre Turnbull and Nurse showcased their scoring prowess, while Montreal’s Erin Ambrose and Sarah Bujold fought back valiantly to keep pace with the league-leading Toronto squad.

Missed Chances and Late Drama

As the game went into overtime, Nurse seized the moment with a timely goal just 13 seconds in, securing the win for Toronto. A missed opportunity for Montreal on the power play late in regulation highlighted the fine margins between victory and defeat in a fiercely contested matchup.

A Bright Future for Women’s Hockey

With the record-breaking attendance and passionate fan support, the PWHL continues to grow in popularity and prominence, showcasing the incredible skill and dedication of women athletes on the ice. As the league’s momentum builds, so too does the excitement and anticipation for upcoming matchups and future stars to emerge.

The final buzzer may have signaled the end of the game, but the impact of this historic matchup will resonate far beyond the walls of the Bell Centre, inspiring a new generation of fans and players to embrace the thrilling world of women’s hockey.”



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