Toronto hit-and-run victim’s family hopes for maximum sentence

Family of woman killed in Toronto hit-and-run hopes for a lengthy sentence - Toronto

“Justice for Erin: Family Seeks Lengthier Sentence for Hit-and-Run Driver

Two years ago, tragedy struck when 29-year-old Erin Yoxall was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Toronto. The driver responsible, Ertug Direk, has pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving causing death and failing to remain at the scene of the accident. As the sentencing date looms, Erin’s family is hoping for a sentence that reflects the magnitude of their loss.

The Tragic Incident: What Happened

On that fateful day in April, Erin Yoxall was struck by Direk while attempting to cross the road near Spadina Avenue. The impact was fatal, and Erin succumbed to her injuries two days later. Direk, driving at a high speed in a 40 km/h zone, fled the scene after the accident, only turning himself in to police days later.

A Heartbreaking Loss: Family’s Pain

Erin’s parents, Roseanne and Anthony, flew to Toronto from Scotland to attend the court proceedings. In a poignant victim-impact statement, Roseanne addressed Direk directly, expressing the profound grief and emptiness their family now faces. She shared how Erin had left instructions to donate her organs and tissues, a testament to her generosity even in death.

Direk’s Remorse: Seeking Justice

In court, Direk expressed remorse for his actions, acknowledging the irreparable harm he caused. However, with a criminal history that includes numerous convictions, Erin’s family believes that a 4.5-year sentence recommended by the prosecution is insufficient. They fear that Direk will continue his criminal behavior upon release, underscoring the need for a longer sentence that reflects the severity of his actions.

A Call for Justice: What Lies Ahead

As the sentencing date approaches, Erin’s family stands firm in their quest for justice. While they hope for a harsher sentence for Direk, they also grapple with the reality that no punishment can bring back their beloved daughter. Their story serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of reckless driving and the importance of accountability in the face of tragedy.

In the end, it is a plea for justice, not vengeance, that drives Erin’s family forward. Their hope is that through this ordeal, awareness will be raised about the consequences of irresponsible actions on the road. As they await the court’s decision, they remain united in their pursuit of justice for Erin and all those affected by senseless acts of violence.”



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