Poll finds that immigrants from Asia would vote strongly Conservative, want less immigration


| ‘This poll by Canada’s largest pollster shows that far from immigration skepticism being a racist point of view, immigration skepticism is actually the dominant point of view for Canadian immigrants from minority races,’ explained Ezra.
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  1. These are easy asian, not south asian immigrants who have said this.

    That being said, we do need an immigration moratorium across all streams of immigration, not just a reduction. We need to send back at least 5 million excess immigrants imported by Trudeau.

    If you actually want to lower home prices and renting costs you need to do these things:

    1) Cut immigration drastically – mass immigration has created excess demand which has placed upward pressure on prices. Mass immigration actually caused the housing crisis.

    2) Send back the huge number of "temporary foreign workers" and international students in very large numbers. This will reduce demand for rentals and bring down renting prices quickly which will help young canadians the most.

    That's what will actually help. We don't need more homes, we need far less immigration. We didn't have a housing crisis before mass immigration.

  2. It's literally a tie – 24% to 22%. Please don't make it seem like immigrants are voting CPC, immigration is destroying Canada and we need to stop ALL immigration, not just temporary immigration.

  3. I hadn't thought of this. Explains the government's deliberate reduction in Chinese immigrants and explosion of east Indian/other immigrants. The NDP/Liberals know that these latter ones will vote in their favour so they've changed all the policies to expedite their immigration.

  4. The actual data does not support climate change so Trudeau had to pay the WEF to fabricate data supporting "climate change"… Makes one wonder where are Pierre Poilievre and Danielle Smith getting data that supports climate change and their climate change initiatives, eh? ~ I think Tucker Carlson was right, elections in Canada won't change anything because there is simply too much fraud. ???? We already know that enough people have been brought in to swing any vote any way they want. The vote doesn't matter anyway. If an mp is speaking to their party on behalf of their constituents, and that what the mp expresses is not shared by the party's views, that mp will get kick out. Constituents are not represented. The "agenda" is all that matters. Whether Canadians prefer the Conservatives version over the Liberal version doesn't change anything but the way the "agenda" is marketed. So climate change and green energy for everyone no matter who you vote for. ~ That's not a vote. That's not even a choice. Starting to think that the ppc was the better option all along… No climate change delusion with the ppc.

  5. When there are more immigrants, the one who are already here came just recently suffer the most. Because they have to kick start their lives and can’t do because no jobs, high inflation, hold them back even more. Yes, we all become a little selfish, we don’t want more immigrants other than ourselves. That’s the truth, government must have a strong immigration policy, only allow people up until then can provide jobs and shelter.

  6. Why are work permit, student permit and refugee status even part of this poll? Unless you are a citizen of a country you shouldn't be voting in that country. Did I miss something or is this the new normal?

  7. I came to Canada legally as a South Asian immigrant 25 years ago, and I've been saying for years that immigration policies here need a serious rethink. We're getting flooded by too much unsuitable & unsustainable immigration that's changing the culture & straining all systems. I am very much against the Multiculturalism. I think immigrants should have to integrate and assimilate into the society they choose to come to.

  8. People who vote Liberal either have lower education or are in some way beneficiaries of the Liberal bureaucracies (ie: Laurentian elite types or public sector bureaucrats). It's a bit disappointing to see Latinos and Filipinos still blindly voting Liberal when they have Conservative beliefs and tend to work pretty hard but are nonetheless tend to lean on the lower end of the pay gap. The Liberals haven't done anything for them and frankly they certainly don't care about their family values.

  9. White guilt immigrants hate themselves so no surprise there that Asians want less immigrants than they do. If I go to South Korea knowing and appreciating that they're a majority Asian people, I'm not going to say, I want to be flooded by non South Korean Asians. I'm going to want it to remain as such or I've no business going there in the first place and pretending I want to be part of their community as much as I can.

  10. Unless you are brainless, why would you vote liberal. Look at the history since the 1970s nothing but disaster why in God’s green earth would you vote liberal with any common sense with any thread of sanity? Would you ever vote liberal?

  11. What is the deal with the so-called temporary workers and foreign students? What percentage of these people stay here and what gives them the right to stay here that’s my question.

  12. Oh I think it’s time to start hiring people who are Conservative ONLY.
    These LIBERALS and NDP are happy with owning nothing. They are more than happy to starve for the FAKE Climate Change CULT agenda.
    Let’s help them with their goals


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