Mysterious Canadian musings contrast with Chinese trolls’ efforts to propel Trump to victory


“Canada’s Shrinking Military Budget: A Wake-Up Call for National Security”

As global tensions continue to rise, Canada’s recent military budget once again falls short of expectations set by our NATO allies. This ongoing trend highlights a concerning lack of focus on national security, as Canadian voters have historically shown little interest in foreign policy matters. However, the consequences of this indifference are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

The Threat of Global Aggression:
With reports of Chinese interference in Canada’s democratic institutions surfacing once again, the urgency of addressing national security concerns has never been more apparent. The Foreign Influence Commission’s findings paint a dark picture of external threats infiltrating our borders and undermining our democratic values. It is crucial that we take action to protect our sovereignty and democratic processes from foreign meddling.

The Changing Face of Security:
In a world where the prospect of another Trump presidency looms large, Canada must come to terms with the fact that our proximity to the United States is no longer a guarantee of security. The shifting geopolitical landscape requires us to reassess our defence and security policies to adapt to new threats and challenges. It is time for Canadian leaders to prioritize national security and make the necessary investments to protect our country and its citizens.

The inadequate military budget and lack of focus on national security pose a significant risk to Canada’s safety and sovereignty. It is imperative that we address these shortcomings and develop a robust defence strategy to safeguard our nation against external threats. As the world becomes increasingly volatile, Canada must rise to the challenge and ensure that we are prepared to confront any challenges that may come our way. The time to act is now, before it is too late.



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