Israel-Hamas: Calls to return hostages grow more urgent amid increasing Mideast tensions


More than 34,000 lives have been lost in Gaza as Israel’s war on Hamas rages on.

Meanwhile, the calls to return the more than 130 hostages still held in the Gaza Strip are increasing in urgency, along with calls to bring a swift end to the war.

This comes amid increased tensions in the Middle East. Crystal Goomansingh has those details.

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  1. Palestine as a holy land designated by Allah in verse 5/21 is for the Children of Israel, not for Muslims who obey the laws in the Quran,
    Al Maidah 21

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    5/2l.: "(Said Moses) "O my people, enter the sacred land (Earth), which Allah has ordained for you, and do not return on your backs and turn around as people who have lost

  2. Israel is rejected for exchange hostages release palastinian hostages in Israeli jail then you can have your hostages back it is very simple satanyahu is rejecting he makes hard something easy that is his problem not hamas problem

  3. if they wanted the hostages they could of had them a long time ago by removing the blockade, illegal settlements and by allowing Palestine it's right to self determination and statehood. This was never about the hostages.

  4. I'm a Canadian. There are endless amounts of people here from both of those countries. The Media should be talking about how there are countless amounts of people from both countries that moved to and now live in Canada and/or the USA but none of them care about their country enough to go back there and fight for it?????????????