Discover the effects of capital gains tax on the economy

What is the impact of capital gains tax on the economy?

“Is Canada’s New Capital Gains Tax a Fair Move?

The Canadian government has announced its intentions to increase taxes on capital gains in an effort to promote “tax fairness”. This move is projected to generate $19.3 billion in revenue over the next five years by raising the capital gains tax rate from 50 percent to 66 percent for individuals with over $250,000 in capital gains annually.

Understanding Capital Gains Tax

Dr. Malik Shukayev, an associate professor at the University of Alberta’s Economics Department, explains that capital gains tax is the tax individuals pay when they sell properties, assets, bonds, or stocks. It is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of an investment. Businesses also incur capital gains when selling assets or businesses at a profit.

Impact on Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Start-up companies are expected to bear the brunt of the increased capital gains tax. These businesses often offer stock options to employees in lieu of high salaries, with the promise of future value appreciation. However, with the new tax hike, employees will face heavier tax burdens when they sell their stocks.

Is the Change Truly Fair?

While the government claims the tax increase will promote fairness, economists like Dr. Shukayev argue that it could have adverse effects on the economy. The policy is anticipated to drive up inflation and the cost of living, making it more challenging for businesses to operate and for individuals to afford essential goods and services.

The Future of Innovation and Economic Growth

Additionally, the increase in capital gains tax may hinder innovation and economic development in Canada. Younger entrepreneurs and the next generation are likely to be disproportionately impacted by the new tax policy. The Business Council of Canada has expressed concerns about the measure, citing potential negative implications for the economy.


As Canada prepares to implement the new capital gains tax, the debate on its fairness and effectiveness continues. While the government aims to achieve tax fairness by targeting wealthy individuals, the broader implications on businesses, entrepreneurs, and economic growth remain uncertain. It is essential for policymakers to consider the diverse perspectives and potential consequences of this tax increase to ensure a balanced and sustainable financial system for all Canadians.”



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