Dairy farm thrilled by calf’s distinctive marking – see why!

Dairy farm over the moon with calf's unique marking

Introducing Eclipse: The Calf with a Celestial Marking

In the quaint town near Kingston, Ont., a dairy farm has captured the attention of many due to a remarkable new addition. Eclipse, a Holstein calf, was born on April 8 with a white crescent moon-shaped mark on her forehead, coinciding with a historic total solar eclipse. Owned by Laura Carey, who runs Carey Farm with her family, Eclipse has quickly become an internet sensation.

A Unique Marking on a Dairy Farm Staple

Carey first noticed Eclipse’s distinctive marking while milking the cows on their family farm. What started as a casual observation turned into awe as the resemblance to an eclipse became apparent. Holsteins are known for their unique spots and patterns, but Eclipse’s marking stood out among the rest.

The Viral Sensation

After posting a photo of Eclipse on social media, Carey was surprised by the rapid spread of the image. Within hours, the post gained traction, with friends, family, and even the local vet sharing the adorable calf’s photo. Eclipse’s small stature at birth only added to her charm, with Carey describing her as “a tiny girl with a big attitude.”

A Personality as Unique as Her Marking

Despite her celestial name and marking, Eclipse is more than just a calf with unique features. Like any living being, she has her own personality – described by Carey as having “a little more spice” compared to her fellow calves on the farm. While some may view Eclipse as a novelty due to her marking, Carey reminds us that all cows have distinct personalities, just like us.

Conclusion: A Celestial Wonder on a Dairy Farm

As Eclipse continues to grow and thrive on the Carey Farm, she serves as a reminder of the beauty and uniqueness found in everyday life. While her marking may have initially drawn attention, it is her personality and presence that truly set her apart. Eclipse not only captures the essence of a celestial wonder but also the reminder that individuality and uniqueness should be celebrated in all forms, whether in the sky above or on a dairy farm in Ontario.



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