Canadian drivers hit with parking ticket fees due to ‘Barnacle’ devices

The Barnacle is a bright yellow device placed on a vehicle’s windshield and commercial-grade suction cups latch onto the glass with 1,000 pounds of force as shown in this this handout image. Barnacles have popped up in Saskatchewan and could soon be making their way across the country. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Barnacle Parking

“Have you heard of the strange new Barnacles popping up on vehicles in Saskatchewan’s capital? No, we’re not talking about the sea creatures you find stuck to rocks – these are bright yellow devices designed to ensure parking violators pay their fines. And they might soon be spreading across the country.

The Rise of the Barnacles

Colin Heffron, chairman of Barnacle Parking, predicts that we will see more and more of these innovative devices in use. When a Barnacle is attached to a vehicle’s windshield, it secures itself with over 450 kilograms of force using commercial-grade suction cups. The only way to remove it is by utilizing a QR code to pay outstanding fines.

Taking a Last Resort Approach

Despite its eye-catching appearance, the Barnacle is meant to be a last resort enforcement tool. Places like the University of Regina in Saskatchewan have started using Barnacles for persistent violators who refuse to pay their fines. Once a driver racks up $199 or more in unpaid parking tickets, they may find a Barnacle attached to their car windshield.

An Alternative to Traditional Towing

University spokesperson Paul Dederick emphasizes that the Barnacle is a less invasive enforcement tool compared to traditional towing or booting practices. And while some may try unconventional methods like using a credit card to dislodge the suction cups, the only way to truly remove the device is by taking out the windshield – which triggers an annoying alarm if tampered with.

The Power of Compliance

Barnacles are not just about immobilizing vehicles; they serve as a deterrent to illegal parking and encourage compliance. By making it clear that parking violations have consequences, Barnacles hope to create a more orderly parking environment without the need for extreme measures like towing.

Preparing for the Canadian Market

As Barnacles make their way into the Canadian market, Heffron assures that they have been tested to withstand even the harshest climates. From frigid northern temperatures to harsh winter conditions, these devices have been proven to hold up in places like Alaska. The company is fully prepared to service Canada with its innovative parking solution.

In Conclusion

The rise of Barnacles in the parking enforcement industry brings a new and unique approach to addressing parking violations. While some may find them amusing or frustrating, their effectiveness in promoting compliance and reducing illegal parking cannot be denied. As these bright yellow devices spread across the country, they serve as a reminder to all drivers to obey parking regulations – unless they want a Barnacle to greet them on their windshield.”



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