Boil Water Advisory Issued for Several Water Systems in Rocky View County by AHS – Stay Informed!

AHS issues boil water advisory for multiple water systems in Rocky View County

“Residents in Rocky View County who rely on the Salt Box Coulee Waterworks System are currently facing a troubling situation as Alberta Health Services has issued a boil water advisory. This advisory affects areas supplied by the system, including Salt Box Coulee Waterworks, Calling Horse Estates Waterworks, Windmill Water Coop Waterworks, and Deer Springs.

### The Boil Water Advisory

Residents and businesses in these areas are urged to boil their water for a minimum of one minute before using it for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking, preparing infant formula, or making ice. While water used for bathing or washing clothes does not require boiling, extra precautions should be taken when it comes to consuming water.

### Taking Precautions

In addition to boiling water, AHS recommends washing hands with soap and water regularly and using hand sanitizer with over 60% alcohol content after drying hands. While bottled water is an alternative for consumption during this advisory, the situation is being actively addressed to restore the water supply and quality.

### Conclusion: Ensuring Water Safety

As the boil water advisory remains in effect until further notice, AHS emphasizes the importance of ongoing monitoring to ensure safe water for consumption. Environmental Public Health officers will continue to sample and test the drinking water, providing updates as corrective actions are implemented. It’s crucial for residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions until the water supply is restored and deemed safe. Stay informed and prioritize your health and well-being during this challenging time.”



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