BC orca rescue: Trapped ‘Baby Little Hunter’ spotted eating for 1st time in 27 days


It’s the good news many on Vancouver Island have been hoping for — at least until a successful rescue of a stranded young orca in B.C. can be accomplished. The two-year-old orca, also known as Brave Little Hunter, was spotted eating on Thursday evening — its first confirmed meal in 27 days.

Officials with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Ehattesaht First Nation have been trying to supplement the food source for the orphaned and stranded orca whale calf since it became trapped in the lagoon near Zeballos B.C.

“Luckily yesterday, late evening, it was actually successful,” Paul Cottrell with the department told Global News. “And seeing that now gives us some options, gives us time. So that’s a win.”

Cassidy Mosconi has more on the details, and what it means going forward.

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