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“Inflammatory Protest Lands Activist in Hot Water”

An outspoken social justice activist, Anna Lippman, found herself in hot water after leading a disruptive protest inside an Israeli-Canadian business in Toronto. Lippman, accompanied by Desmond Cole and Helene Furlottee-Bois, was arrested by Toronto police for their involvement in the unlawful protest, sparking controversy and debate surrounding the incident.

The Arrest and Charges

Toronto police charged Lippman with forcible entry, mischief to property, member of an unlawful assembly, member of an unlawful assembly while masked, and failure to leave premises when directed. Cole and Furlottee-Bois also faced a similar set of charges for their participation in the protest. The arrest of these activists raised concerns about freedom of speech and the right to peaceful protest.

The Response from Advocacy Organizations

World Beyond War Canada, a pro-Palestinian advocacy group, condemned the arrests by Toronto police, accusing the authorities of attempting to suppress the pro-Palestinian movement. Amidst the controversy, allegations of undercover police officers assaulting one of the activists during the arrests further fueled the debate and raised questions about police behavior.

The Activists’ Perspective

Lippman and Cole, along with their supporters, argue that the Toronto police’s actions were aimed at silencing the pro-Palestinian movement and protecting businesses that support Israeli corporations. They maintain that their protest was a form of resistance against complicity in what they perceive to be human rights violations committed by Israeli forces. Their commitment to the Palestinian cause remains strong despite the legal repercussions they faced.

Different Views on the Arrest

While some praised the arrest of Lippman and her fellow activists, others criticized the police’s handling of the situation and saw it as an infringement on their rights to protest. The arrest highlighted the complex dynamics between freedom of speech, advocacy, and law enforcement, prompting discussions about the balance between these fundamental aspects of a democratic society.


The case of Anna Lippman’s arrest and the subsequent backlash shed light on the ongoing tensions surrounding activism, protest rights, and support for controversial causes. As debates continue to unfold, it is essential to consider different perspectives and engage in meaningful dialogue to address the underlying issues at hand. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities of advocating for social justice in a society where conflicting viewpoints often collide.”



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