WNBA changes preseason game date in Canada to prevent overlap with NHL playoffs

WNBA moving date of its preseason game in Canada to avoid potential conflict with NHL playoffs

“WNBA Moves Preseason Showdown to Avoid Playoff Conflict in Edmonton”

The world of sports is full of unexpected twists and turns, and the WNBA is no exception. With a thrilling preseason match-up between the Los Angeles Sparks and Seattle Storm originally set to take place in Edmonton, Canada, the league found itself facing a scheduling dilemma. The potential Game 7 of the NHL’s first-round playoff series between the Oilers and Kings threatened to overshadow the WNBA game – but fear not, basketball fans, for a solution has been found.

Adjusting to Avoid a Clash

In a strategic move, the WNBA has shifted the date of the game to May 4, ensuring that the spotlight remains firmly on the exciting showdown between the Sparks and Storm. This decision not only highlights the league’s flexibility and commitment to providing top-notch entertainment for its fans, but also serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit of the sports community.

Expanding Horizons

This isn’t the first time the WNBA has ventured north of the border for a preseason game, and it certainly won’t be the last. Building on the success of last season’s match-up in Toronto, which drew record-breaking crowds and showcased the growing popularity of women’s basketball in Canada, the league is once again embracing the opportunity to connect with fans across different regions. By taking the game to Edmonton, the WNBA is opening up new avenues for engagement and promoting the sport on a global scale.

Looking Forward

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming clash between the Sparks and Storm, it’s clear that the WNBA’s decision to move the preseason game to May 4 is a win-win for everyone involved. By avoiding a potential playoff clash and embracing the opportunity to showcase top-tier basketball in Canada, the league is setting the stage for an unforgettable event that will captivate audiences on both sides of the border. So mark your calendars, basketball fans, because May 4 promises to be a night to remember in Edmonton.



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