What does Canada’s parliamentary budget officer think about the federal budget?


Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux shares his opinion on the federal budget, tabled earlier this week, with Mike Le Couteur.

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  1. I think it's easier to hold on to your assets and wait for change in government. Pierre Polivere isn't going to punish boomers for leaving their familial homes to their kids. Foreigners hide their assets in their home countries doubt they'd onshore them now.

  2. Wow so if you’re a successful investor building up your profile for a lifetime, these criminals have gall to take 2/3 ? Distribute it within themselves and who they favor. This is UNCANADIAN.

  3. Yea Trudeau is for Middle class LOL yea he taxing the Middle Class all the way to lower class with all the taxes on middle class and free stuff that middle class can't get.

  4. Next Elon Musk will definitely avoid canada with these taxes. The highest tax rate in California is Lower than canadas Lowest. WTF. Who are we attracting to canada?? Tax slaves and idiots.

    If a smart person who creates industry, jobs, production will avoid this mismanaged country if there is any possibility they can. CANADA HAS ALOT, NOTHING that cant be found somewhere else.

  5. Is the balance fiscally responsible? No, it is absolutely not. This is the ninth year in a row that our government has run a deficit. There isn't any other way to look at it.
    Another point is that every such year, the government also overshoots the debt, which ends up being worse than the already bad projection.
    I am very sorry, but our finances have totally disengaged from reality, and the younger generations are the ones who will have to pay all that debt at the cost of the standard of living.

  6. Thought tax on tobacco was supposed to pay for the extra health care of the smoker So smokers wouldn't burden the healthcare system. Thieves profiting off addiction. How much tax do they get for being the largest opioid dealer in the country?


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