Uncover the Truth: Colorado Rockies Flight to Toronto Under Investigation

United Airlines flight impacts due to computer issue

“Unauthorized Personnel Spotted in Cockpit of Colorado Rockies Flight: FAA Investigating”

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States is currently looking into a concerning incident involving unauthorized personnel inside the cockpit of a chartered Colorado Rockies flight to Toronto. United Airlines, who chartered the flight, brought attention to this issue and labeled it as “deeply disturbing” in a statement obtained by CTV News Toronto.

Caught on Video

The incident came to light through a video circulating on social media, which has since been removed. In the video, a member of the baseball team’s coaching staff can be seen pretending to fly the plane to Toronto while it was at cruise altitude with the autopilot engaged. United Airlines spokesperson confirmed this violation and emphasized that such actions are against safety and operational policies.

Investigation Underway

As a response to this breach, United Airlines promptly reported the incident to the FAA and suspended the pilots from service while a thorough investigation is conducted. The FAA, in line with federal regulations that strictly control flight deck access, launched its own investigation into the matter.

The Aftermath

The Colorado Rockies were in Toronto for a series of games with the Blue Jays when this incident occurred. Despite attempts to reach out to the team and Major League Baseball for comments, CTV News did not receive an immediate response.

In Conclusion

The presence of unauthorized personnel in the cockpit of an aircraft raises serious concerns about safety and security protocols. It is crucial for airlines and aviation authorities to uphold strict regulations regarding flight deck access to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew members. As the investigation into this incident continues, it serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to safety measures in the aviation industry.”



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