Trudeau warns he will ‘go around’ provinces to solve the housing crisis


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fired a warning shot at provincial leaders not building new, affordable housing fast enough.

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  1. He causes the problems, then wants to control everything. He expects the provinces to give up their responsibilities so he can play hero. He’s delusional. He only cares about himself and we’re supposed to worship him…

  2. “Our focus as a government is to”….. insert correct response here:
    – create problems so we can than solve them with solutions that will then create more problems!!

  3. Saving thousands a month by subsidizing childcare? If you're needing handouts from the gov't to maintain childcare, you're not making thousands a month, let alone saving it. This guy is a joke.

  4. Lets force old Canadians to choose between staying at home to raise the kids and feed them, and let in more immigrants and pay for them to stay at home and raise their kids.

  5. Fooken $10 a day childcare is missing in Ottawa & 8 out of 10 get back more with carbon taxes as well.

    Get Parliament out of provincial affairs & running Canadians lives.

  6. Not only is Trudeau dumb, hes arrogant.

    Only a spoiled rich boy with a drama teacher IQ would pull stunts like this.

    Its equally patheric it took our provincial leaders this long to grow a spine.


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