Trudeau calls Iran’s missile attack on Israel “absolutely irresponsible”


On Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned Iran’s recent missile attack on Israel, saying it was “absolutely irresponsible” and could lead to further escalation. “We need to move towards peace and stability in the region. We need de-escalation. We need not escalate further, and that action by Iran had significant dangers of seeing far more escalation,” Trudeau said. #Iran #Israel #Trudeau #middleeast



  1. The guy has lost his mind ?omg he's committed more crimes against us citizens of Canada plus the fact when you send money and weapons to places in war ?you got blood on your hands cause that makes you to responsible supporting countries in conflict ?don't get involved it's not canadas problem unless it's a world war ?????????

  2. Mr Trudeau you should also condemned Israel for attacking the embassy for the Iranians in Syria stop Closing one eye and opening another you do not know how to judge you do not know how to put things on a scale and be equal so stop the nonsense step down give this country another chance

  3. How come you didn’t mention it was Israel attacked Iran embassy and killed their general? Iran will deal with Israel and if western countries act on behalf then will classed as world war 3, saitanhayu wants it.


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