Trudeau announces $4.6B investment in Canadian research and innovation | FULL


On Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced an investment of over $4.6 billion to strengthen Canadian research and innovation.

“We will also help the younger generations get a good, affordable general education within investment of $1.3 billion, which means that for an additional year we’ll be maintaining the increase we brought to Canada student grants,” Trudeau said.

The Government will increase student housing allowances through the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program. The increase in student aid will benefit approximately 79,000 students annually, particularly those living in areas with high housing costs.

The Liberal government delivered a federal budget on Tuesday geared towards young Canadians, proposing a spending plan that promises to do everything from make it easier to buy a first home to crack down on costly concert ticket fees. But the $57 billion in spending announced in the Liberals’ latest fiscal plan comes amid a stronger-than-expected economy and new taxes targeting the wealthiest Canadians. Net new spending included in the budget is pegged at $39.2 billion, thanks to these higher revenue offsets.

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  1. Another way to throw taxpayers’s money from these so called very smart politicians. Good luck to the future of your children and grandchildren. They will be poorer and poorer unfortunately

  2. BAD CAPITAL GAINS TAX in 2024 budget. Feedback: Let me give the next generation (my kids) my earned financial gains. Not the government redistributing my proceeds to their dumb programs.

  3. lets call the Capital Gains Tax what it really is INHERITANCE TAX this will kill the farming industry the kids won't be able to pay the taxes when they inherit the family farm which will then open the door for Corporate greed to take over !!!!!

  4. BAD NEW CAPITAL GAINS TAX. In Trudeau’s speech, his analogy on income tax is a distortion of the facts. Do your research. Don’t believe him. The tax students and researchers pay on income is not more than others in Canada. He is deliberately trying to confuse his audience by inferring others pay only a fraction on passive investments but they have already paid income tax before investing. Trudeau doesn’t explain it properly on purpose. But, these people he is targeting pay more in total. I am one of them. He is preying on people who don’t understand and targeting our youth.

  5. I'm not a paid actor and I think Trudeau deserves our thanks for his service. He may not have done the job to your liking – or mine – and he probably has taken advantage or allowed his friends to take advantage. But he still did the F#@ing work didn't he?

  6. OMG, this guy is an incurable spendaholic who can't resist the lure of any photopp he can get! Didn't he already do all this BEFORE the budget was announced? Now he's doing more of it? And why doesn't he look at getting some of that innovation in his own bloated burocracy, I'm sure a little AI would go a long way pairing down those 360,000 Federal pencil-pushers who produce nothing.

  7. Mien ne global educational corporation just next Generations all kinds and sectors k Genius k liye best opportunity shown off k liye binayi hain ta k whole world nations innovative babes shown thier talent and we given them share ownership in corporations not jobs if they able.. ok ?? ?
    Research centres labes all tools perovided them. Ok ?? ?

  8. Man look at people faces behind him, its like they are forced to stand there or something they do not look happy, look how happy people are standing beside our prime minister ??? what a clown???

  9. COMPLETE FARCE! Why does Global News call this what Trudeau says, "Investment"? It is SPENDING. Find some REAL JOURNALISTS, if Global News cannot find any among its employees, to investigate what "innovation" means to Trudeau's government. Take a look at the cost of a Canadian patent application? If a Canadian inventor wants to apply for an international patent, the application fee costs about $4,500. If someone does "invent" something, (not just research a problem, again and again, like "climate change"), and if they're not employed by a company or at a university, they're not eligible for the government's grants. This is nothing but a CORPORATE WELFARE program, with grant-hungry universities eager to promote "climate change."


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