Travelers flock to U.S. as national measles vaccine shortage continues for another month

As national measles vaccine shortage extends another month, some travel to U.S.

“National Measles Vaccine Shortage Continues Across Canada leading to Border Runs for Many New Brunswickers

As the national shortage of measles vaccines continues, many New Brunswickers are taking matters into their own hands by crossing the border to Calais, Maine to get the shot they need. With an estimated end date for the shortage listed as May 15, the demand for measles vaccines has increased due to rising cases and outbreaks both in Canada and around the world.

Shortage Affects Private Market

Merck, Canada’s supplier for the MMR II vaccine, is the most affected by the shortage, impacting the private market for travel clinics. The increased demand for measles vaccines has led to delays in availability, leaving many Canadians scrambling to find alternative sources.

GSK, Canada’s other measles vaccine supplier, continues to meet the public market demand for its Priorix vaccine, but has also posted a shortage report for private orders. The uncertainty of the end date for the shortage is causing concern among those who rely on these vaccines to protect themselves and their families.

Understanding the Impact of Measles

Measles is one of the world’s most contagious but preventable diseases, making it crucial for individuals to have access to vaccines for protection. The virus can cause serious illness and complications, and without better vaccination rates, there is a risk of a major outbreak that could put thousands at risk of getting very sick or dying.


The ongoing shortage of measles vaccines is a concerning issue that is impacting many New Brunswickers and Canadians. With the demand for vaccines on the rise due to the increase in cases globally, it is essential for suppliers to work diligently to provide a consistent supply. Public health recommendations underscore the importance of vaccination, especially for those born before 1970 who may need to travel internationally. As the wait for the end of the shortage continues, individuals must explore all available options to protect themselves and their communities from the threat of measles.”



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