Toronto parents from ‘alternative’ elementary school pull their kids out to stage a pro-Hamas rally?


| Rebel News was informed that some parents at the Grove Community School in Toronto have been removing their elementary-age children on certain days to stage pro-Hamas demonstrations. We visited the school last Tuesday and did not witness such a demonstration. However, Rebel News has obtained photographs of previous pro-Hamas protests by the pint-sized set, some of whom were brandishing Palestinian flags.

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  1. It is against the law to provide support for Hamas, which has been designated by the government as an illegal terrorist entity. Please sign our petition demanding that the government deport non-citizens, including foreigners on student visas, who are abusing the privilege of being our guests by supporting Hamas hate rallies:

  2. David, you should check out what's going on in regular schools. Take any public school in Ontario. There are kids pretending to be dogs and cats (furries) and teachers forcing normal students to be ''inclusive'' by affirming this idiocy. Our entire education system has been taken over by bitter grievance-mongering white women with blue hair.

  3. Off-Topic, I know, but. Can someone please advise me……..what is the reason for not having children in photos or videos? This insane restriction has no reasoning behind it, surely? How has this faux-fear of seeing kids in video been brought to the fore?

  4. Old man hanging our in front of elementary schools. Thinks he can tell parents what to do with their kids, argues with teacher about his right to film kids, calling it journalism. Speaks his motto to camera "Get'em young, get'em forever."

  5. You can film the school with kids in it! This is public ground and this activity is Charter protected! You can't tell other people what to do on public ground! Either get the kids inside or deal with it.

  6. If it's the parents pulling their children for this demonstration supporting this terrorist organization, then there's not much can be said. However if it's the school supporting this, that's a different ball game.

  7. The Rapid Islamification of Canada is well past the tipping point. I know white women in their 20s that think it's "racist" for white women to have children.
    Go to Kingsway Mall in Edmonton, you'll think you're in Africa or Syria.

  8. The principle should go back to school. The correct past and past participle of lead is spelled led. If you aren’t sure whether to use led or lead as the verb in your sentence, try reading it aloud to yourself. If the verb is pronounced /LED/, use led.
    Merriam Webster Dictionary.

  9. I love Rebel News and the work they do, however the Israeli government are not benevolent do-gooders. It’s a war mongering Regime led by a madman and even Israeli Nationals do not like what their own government is doing in the Middle East.


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