“They knew”: Victims of sexual abuse by Ontario youth leader sue Anglican Church


For more than 20 years, a group of men who grew up in a Mississauga neighbourhood kept a secret that, they say, altered the course of their lives. The boys fell victim to a youth group church leader and counsellor who preyed upon their innocence.

For the first time, they’re speaking publicly and seeking accountability.

The former youth leader at the Church of St. Bride’s, who was previously convicted of sexual assaults on young boys, is now being sued, along with the Anglican Church of Canada.

Caryn Lieberman reports.

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  2. When the Police don't let you file complaints about their friends, family and culture; that means you are supposta shut up about it. Unless you have enough rights to afford a lawyer; then you can be part of the Just-Us culture.

  3. its nothing new back in the 60s it was rampant in Boys clubs and Sunday school's , Get over it suck it up and move on ,its all about money, what's in it for me , i need to be compensated. its not going to stop . because it's all to do with religious beliefs , like all the other crap that's going down throughout this globe


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