‘Striptease artist’: Former school trustee reacts to guilty ruling in defamation case


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Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey hears from Barry Neufeld, a former B.C. school board trustee who was ruled to have defamed a former colleague when he called her a “striptease artist” in a Zoom meeting hosted by Action 4 Canada.
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  1. With that “wrecking ball video,” she appears to be indeed a “striptease artist.” Since the judge can’t see that, and is ignoring important evidence, he needs to undergo a “psychiatric evaluation.” A complaint filed against him with the Law Society of BC is just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Hahahaha – Professor Bondar presents as a Professional Wackjob – attention-seeking, narcissist! God protect childre from people with her approach to nurturing and educating children.

  3. FIlth has infiltated and firmly ensconed itself into the education system. Homeschool your kiddies or form new schools with values and virtues that are to be admired. None of this filth.

  4. We're living in an era worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. I'm so glad this nonsense didn't happen in my school years. I'm also glad that my children are grown up and don't have to take part in this sick world's agendas. Jesus is coming, and their time is short!
    Repent!…all you sick minded folks, because HELL FIRE is coming whether you believe it or not. It makes no difference, no one will be able to stop it…not even satan and his millions of fallen ones of old! Jesus come quickly. Alleluia

  5. The universities have been well and truly captured for at least a decade. This is the result.

    It will take a decade to clean this rot from the system, and that is “if” the general public really wakes up to the threat.


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