Steven Lewis: Transforming Canada’s healthcare system with a revolutionary primary care manifesto


“Canadians Deserve Better: Revamping the Primary Care System”

In a country with over six million individuals lacking access to a family doctor, Canada’s primary care system is in dire need of repair. The current model is unable to adequately address the complex needs of an aging and diverse population, ultimately failing to uphold the core values promised by the Canada Health Act.

A System in Crisis

The broken primary care system in Canada is evident through the staggering number of individuals without a regular source of care. This fragmented model is ill-equipped to handle the evolving health needs of the population, leading to widespread dissatisfaction and unmet needs. The World Health Organization’s Astana Declaration of 2018 emphasizes the importance of strengthening primary healthcare, yet Canada falls short in delivering on this fundamental right.

A Call to Action

It is imperative for Canadians to demand a primary care system that is tailored to meet the needs of marginalized populations, the elderly, those with chronic conditions, and diverse cultural backgrounds. The focus should be on preventive care to alleviate strain on hospitals and specialists, while also revitalizing the workforce and maximizing talent utilization.

Moving Forward

To address the deficiencies in the primary care system, concrete actions must be taken by governments, providers, and healthcare organizations. There is a crucial need for quantifiable targets, accountability measures, and strategic planning to ensure progress towards universal access to quality primary care. Simply infusing additional funding without systemic changes will not yield the desired outcomes.

A New Approach

To achieve success in revamping the primary care system, a collaborative effort involving experts, policymakers, and stakeholders is essential. Learning from global successes and embracing innovative solutions will be key in transforming the healthcare landscape in Canada. By declaring a state of emergency in primary care and implementing strategic reforms, we can pave the way for a more inclusive, effective, and sustainable system.

The battle for primary care is a pivotal one, as it directly impacts the overall quality of healthcare in Canada. It is time to rise up, demand change, and work towards a system that truly prioritizes the well-being of all Canadians. Let us unite in this endeavor to build a brighter, healthier future for generations to come.”



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