Stay informed with the latest updates on Israeli strikes in Iran and Syria in 2024

2024 Israeli strikes on Iran, Syria: Latest updates

“Israel’s recent missile strike targeting an air defence unit in southern Syria has sparked tensions in the Middle East, leaving the region on edge. The attack, which caused material damage, has raised concerns about further escalation between Israel and Iran. Amidst the chaos, various countries and international bodies have issued statements urging restraint and caution to prevent a full-blown conflict.

**Oman Condemns ‘Israel’s Repeated Attacks’**

The sultanate of Oman, known for its close ties with Iran, has strongly condemned Israel’s military actions in the region. Oman’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement denouncing the repeated attacks and emphasizing the need for peace and stability in the Middle East.

**European Commission Calls for Restraint**

In a similar vein, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has urged both Israel and Iran to refrain from further actions that could exacerbate the situation. Von der Leyen highlighted the importance of maintaining stability in the region and emphasized the need for all parties to work towards de-escalation.

**China Opposes Escalation in the Middle East**

China, a key player in global politics, has voiced its opposition to any actions that could escalate tensions in the Middle East. The Chinese Foreign Ministry emphasized the importance of avoiding further confrontation and pledged to play a constructive role in easing the current tensions in the region.

**Britain Cautions Against Escalation**

Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has cautioned against escalating the conflict in the Middle East. While affirming Israel’s right to self-defence, Sunak emphasized the need for calm and dialogue to prevail in order to prevent a dangerous escalation of hostilities.

**Australia Urges Citizens to Leave**

Amid growing military tensions in the region, the Australian government has issued a travel advisory urging its citizens in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories to consider leaving if it is safe to do so. The government’s warning highlights the volatile security situation in the area and the potential risks posed by ongoing hostilities.

As the situation in the Middle East remains precarious, with Israel’s recent strike in Syria and Iran’s retaliatory actions, the need for diplomacy and peaceful resolution has never been more urgent. The international community must come together to de-escalate tensions and prevent further violence that could have devastating consequences for the region and beyond.”



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