SHE’S IN TROUBLE: Watch what happens when I talk to voters in a district with a pro-Hamas Liberal MP


? | Tell Ya’ara Saks what she did was unacceptable!
Ezra Levant distributes Rebel News flyers and asks residents in Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks’ riding what they think of her being pictured holding hands with terror leader Mahmoud Abbas.
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  1. unless two agree they can not walk together thus saith the LORD….. evil is as evil does. Be sure your sin will find you out. SAK'S and Joly … there you have it. Enemies of Canadians. Thanks again for more exposure Ezra.

  2. I thought You all went to Court to get unblocked by the Environment MP, then how is this current MP able to post stuff, but turn off comments for people to reply from her riding? Isn't that just another form of Blocking people's reply to their elected MP? If the Government lost one case then one would think they wouldn't do that again. Yeah, as I'm typing this,… I'm thinking it's the Liberals. Nothing they do makes sense. I wish people weren't so misled to vote for PMJT and this collection of people ( I had Hyenas instead of people, but that would've been an insult to Hyenas), smiling and laughing and bearing their teeth making Canadians' lives worse while taking photos with enemies of Canada, as that is a terrorist.

  3. Those protesting Anti-Zionism are not Antisemitism, nor Pro Hamas…The majority of protestors around the world want ?? to stop murdering innocent men women and children in GAZA… Netanyahu and the Idf are genocidal maniacs

  4. Joly is anti Jewish and and Anti Israel and pro Hamas. If Saks is with her she must be too. This is Trudeaus government folks. If you vote for him next election this is what you will get more of.


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