Saskatchewan father convicted of abduction after refusing daughter’s COVID-19 shots.

Sask. man who didn't want his daughter to get COVID-19 shots found guilty of abduction

“In a dramatic turn of events, the trial of a Carievale, Sask., man charged with abducting his daughter concluded on Friday with a jury finding him guilty. The case, which revolved around Michael Gordon Jackson’s refusal to return his seven-year-old daughter to her mother after a weekend visit, sparked heated debates and highlighted complex issues surrounding parental rights and custody agreements.

The Controversial Decision:

Jackson, representing himself in court, argued that his sole intention was to protect his daughter from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, which he believed could harm her. However, the prosecution contended that Jackson’s actions were a deliberate attempt to prevent the child’s mother, who had primary custody, from making decisions regarding the well-being of their daughter. Ultimately, the jury had to determine whether Jackson knowingly deprived the mother of custody beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Verdict and Aftermath:

After a brief deliberation, the jury reached a guilty verdict, much to the relief of the child’s mother and the prosecution. Crown prosecutor Zoey Kim-Zeggelaar emphasized that while the child was not in physical danger during the ordeal, the verdict symbolized a sense of closure for the family. The guilty verdict signified a form of accountability and a step towards justice, as the legal system aimed for the correct outcome in such cases.


The case of Michael Gordon Jackson sheds light on the complexities of family disputes, individual beliefs, and legal responsibilities. While Jackson’s concerns for his daughter’s health are understandable, the manner in which he chose to address them raised significant ethical and legal questions. As society continues to grapple with the implications of personal choices on family dynamics, this trial serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between parental rights and the well-being of children. Ultimately, the verdict in this case underscores the necessity for respect for legal agreements and the importance of approaching disagreements through proper channels, rather than taking matters into one’s own hands.”



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