Saskatchewan dad convicted for blocking daughter’s COVID-19 vaccine

Sask. father found guilty of withholding daughter to prevent her from getting COVID-19 vaccine

“Father Found Guilty of Abducting Daughter Over Vaccine Dispute: Justice Served?”

**The Verdict**

After a lengthy trial, Michael Gordon Jackson has been found guilty of contravening a custody order by withholding his daughter to prevent her from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. The jury’s unanimous decision confirmed that Jackson, 55, had unlawfully kept his then 7-year-old daughter from her mother, leading to their discovery in Vernon, B.C.

**The Motive vs. The Outcome**

While the motive behind Jackson’s actions was clear, Crown prosecutor Zoey Kim Zeggelaar emphasized that the result was a violation of the legal order in place. It was not about why Jackson did what he did, but what he did – which ultimately led to the guilty verdict.

**Justice Prevails**

Justice Heather MacMillian-Brown instructed the jury to focus on the evidence presented throughout the trial, highlighting their role as the judges of the facts. After just two and a half hours of deliberation, the jury reached a unanimous decision, holding Jackson accountable for his actions.

**A Compelling Outcome**

Despite the outcome, Jackson remains out on bail with a sentencing date pending. The prosecution’s satisfaction with the verdict reflects the long-awaited closure for everyone involved in the case.

In the end, the case of Michael Gordon Jackson serves as a reminder of the importance of following legal custody orders and the consequences of taking matters into one’s own hands. As we navigate through challenging times, it is crucial to uphold the law and respect the decisions made for the well-being of all parties involved.”



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