Russia will attack NATO if Ukraine falls, Mike Pence warns


Former United States vice-president Mike Pence says he believes Russia will attack NATO if it overpowers Ukraine, emboldening other authoritarian regimes like China.

Pence called on Republican and Democrat lawmakers to fund Ukraine’s defence, as well as that of Israel and Taiwan.

“If Vladimir Putin were able to overrun Ukraine…I think it would not be very long before we cross the border that our men and women would have to go and fight under Article Five,” he said.

Nathaniel Dove has more on the warning from Pence as U.S. funding for Ukraine remains uncertain.

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  1. If you look at everything you see on tv on all possible levels of tv from all the years it becomes more clearer of what's going on. The need of it all, is television and television needs you in larger then life groupings and everyone is always smiling like it's comedy and getting payed well in positions not availbale for everyone.

  2. As a reminder, Russia is a country that should be defeated, not rewarded for its mass abduction of Ukrainian children [1,2] and human trafficking to get soldiers [3.4].

    1: “How Moscow grabs Ukrainian kids and makes them Russians”, 18 Mar 2023, AP News
    2: “Ukraine's abducted children: 'List of suspects will grow'”, 25 Mar 2023, DW
    3: “India raids network sending citizens to fight for Russia”, 8 Mar 2024, CNA
    4: “Russia ignores calls to stop hiring Nepalis to fight against Ukraine”, 24 Dec 2023, The Kathmandu Post

    And I don't even like Mike Pence, as a person or a politician.

  3. Russia won't lol. They just saying this to make us scared of russia or change our view of the war, they hoped we would support ukriane and pick to support ukraine. The only realistic outcome of this war is to have both ukriane and russia negotiate peace without america meddling between those two country. No way russia will attack nato since theyre only using military operation against Ukraine, it should be obviously clear just based on that fact alone. If russia issue a declaration of war upon ukriane, that would show russia intentions in wanting to conquer Ukraine to be more believable but since Russia has only used military operation, their intentions are clear that they are not on the war campaign to expand toward nato nations. Beside, by attackint nato, it would be starting world war 3 and russia know damn well they do not want to be aggressor in doing it without reason. They would be no different from nazi Germany if it they start ww3 and knowing russia, they dont want to paint themself the antagonist. Right now many nation support russia because of their anti western expansion stance but if they decided to go ahead to start world war 3, most nation that supported will change their stance, im talking about china and russia and other developing countries that neutral. They wouldnt support russia and it will end badly for them in the long term conflict. It is not russias interest to start war with nato but nato countries is always wanting a proxy war against russia and other smaller nations.

  4. Our politicians and 3 letter agencies are responsible for this since 2014. The Ukraine was to be off limits to both: NATO and Russia. I don’t like the Ukraine’s military or government; ( you wouldn’t either if you knew what they are).
    The eastern regions are Russians anyway.
    People are free to leave Russia and they don’t; they like it.
    Russia doesn’t want the European countries and they’re not going to tolerate NATO moving in on them. Nobody is going to allow Russian aggression on established NATO countries, and the Ukraine is not, nor ever should be, a NATO Member. Cut a deal and split it down the central river.
    Save those old weapons for if and when they ever do.

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  6. Mike Pence is wrong, or he's possibly lying. The Ukraine war could have been trivially prevented. Russia is requiring and end to the civil war in Ukraine, which our media never discussed. This was going to be implemented with the Minsk accords, and it was the US and the British that prevented it.

    There is something like a 10:1 kill ratio between Ukraine and Russia. I hear terrifying numbers of as many as 300 to 500 thousand Ukrainians dead, and 30-50 thousand Russians dead. Ukraine has no possibility of winning and never did. It's just used as a money laundering operation, it's just horrific.

  7. Exactly! I tried reading the comments here but the Russian bots are out in force big time here. I would hope Americans or God forbid Canadians aren't really this incredibly stupid as to be making these statements.

  8. What a load of bunk! I don't suppose your weapons contractors told you that by chance. So what you're saying is if, after more than 2 years at war they're able to defeat Ukraine, they're then gonna go after the 32 Nato countries. Utter nonsense, sounds like you're the one pushing for war.

  9. During his interview with Tucker Carlson Putin already mentioned that he has no interest in starting another war, especially not with 1 of the Nato members. Only exception would be in the case of provocation or if Nato keeps getting more involved in this ongoing war right now. Nobody would complain about medical supplies, food, water, clothes and blankets but thats not the case. Nato is already actively involved in this war by supporting Ukraine with ammunition, weapons of various kinds, equipment and propaganda. The west must stop provocating Russia, stop the support of military equipment, weapons and ammunition and take care of it's own problems. Ukraine isnt part of the European Union nor is it a Nato member. Stop this useless war already and save lives on both sides!


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