People caught on camera pulling bear cubs from tree to take selfies


An investigation is underway after a group of people (with an apparent death wish) were caught on camera yanking black bear cubs out of a tree in North Carolina in an effort to take a round of selfies with the baby animals. #blackbear #bearcub



  1. i was eagerly waiting for momma bear to come. also your making fun of them for taking selfies yet your sitting there recording it doing nothing? Kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

  2. They didnt hurt nothin smh the problem is 50% of Americans don't have 400$ to their name & couldnt get their hands on it if they had to unfortunately (thats an actual fact btw look it up if u dont believe me) so they are miserable with themselves so instead of trying to better themselves they start complaining about EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY does thats EXACTLY why the whole 'Karen' term originated btw

  3. What i don't understand is where are the staff members when these incidences keep happening. If staff was on point, and watching large groups of people huddled together, maybe they would catch them in the act, and not have to feel saddened after watching it happen on you tube. I never understand that. This happens quite often due to the many times it's shown to the public on you tube. Where are the people that are supposed to be watching out for the animal welfare?. It has been proven time and time again that you can't leave things to chance. Like Jane Dasilva said, if momma bear came out and someone got hurt, #1 the company would have been sued #2 momma bear would have been shot and killed #3 3 more orphaned baby bear cubs that will need rehabiltation and raised and kept away from sociailzation because they might not be able to make it in the wilderness without the aid of the natural mom. I just never understand that in the 21st century, we seem to be going backwards, not forwards. it's not a compliment


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