Ontario takes action against chemical plant after First Nation members fall ill


The Ontario government is cracking down on a chemical plant after dozens of people in a First Nation became sick this week.

Extremely high levels of the cancer-causing chemical benzene were detected in Aamjiwnaang First Nation, south of Sarnia. People there have been exposed to high levels of dangerous pollutants for years.

Now, in response to growing public concerns over the spike in benzene readings, the province says it is taking action. But as Global News chief investigative correspondent Carolyn Jarvis reports, the people of Aamjiwnaang have little hope it will amount of change.

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  1. Why were these corporations allowed to put a plant at the top of this tribes water resources? Because much like the US these greedy pieces of crap dont care who they hurt with their toxic sludges

  2. Shut that damn place down. Orders keep being given & yet nothing changes so its clear someone in the government has investments in this company or has been paid off to look the other way & shows it has no intention of shutting it down.
    It appears that Governments on all levels in Canada Don't seem to listen to the people of Canada, it seems to be in high fashion over the past decade.
    Just take at look at the lousy job the liberal government has done to Canada since his first term as Prime Minister, Let me remind you also that he has broken so many of Canadas Charter of rights & freedoms & the Bill of rights also.
    He is bankrupting Canada, he has made Thousands upon Thousands of single people & FAMILIES homeless, I wont even go near the Covid vaccine fiasco.
    We have a carbon tax that is suppose to make the air quality far better & the Ontario Government wants to issue yet another order & not a shut down Ineos when in fact they had enough time to fix this issue already.
    Its time to send Ineos an order to shut down & pay the government & affected community heavy fines equaling the cost of running that plant. See how fast they fix the problem then !

  3. Updated: ??? “Been that way for 30 years.” – U.S. Justice Department on the lack of Human Rights in Oklahoma County Jail, 2020

    “Makes me feel human again after this place.” – Oklahoma City Art Museum review after life in the local shelters (20+ years in the making), 2024

    “It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.” – Nelson Mandela ??

  4. Lol we spent and have spent billions of dollars to reduce emissions and ban harsh chemicals…
    Sorry everyone but the government shut this down so your Grandma wont get the proper health care she needs, you won't have a car to get to work, and you also won't have a mobile device to complain on…
    Be careful what you wish for…

  5. Just take legal action the journalist just straight up said this has happened multiple times and nothing has ever been done to fix it. Levels keep rising and yet the government has not one single time penalized this company.

  6. Who's bright idea was it to put chemical plants next to the worlds largest fresh water reserve?! Everyone in southern Ontario should be concerned about this, considering our main pumping station is less than 20 minutes away from all these lovely chemical plants, but then again, right across the river is just as dangerous with all the arms manufacturers there…don't tell our enemies like Russia, but its a great place for a first strike kind of deal…pure stupidity! Ugh!


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