Man sets himself on fire outside Trump trial courthouse in New York


A Florida man was rushed to a burn unit in New York City after setting himself on fire in a public park on Friday afternoon, outside of the courthouse where former U.S. president Donald Trump’s hush-money trial was taking place.

Before dousing himself in an “alcohol-based substance used for cleansing” and setting himself a light, Maxwell Azzarello emptied his pockets of “propaganda-based” papers and pamphlets and threw them all around him, according to representatives from the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

Passerbys and officers rushed to extinguish the suspect before he was taken in an ambulance. The man in his late 30s remains in critical condition at Cornell Burn Centre.

Amid the chaos, three NYPD officers and one court officer sustained minor injuries from their exposure to fire. They are in stable condition. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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  1. If you observed him walking into the park, then oberved him shuffling, observed him wrapping himself with paper etc, observed him pour a liquid, WHY didnt you approach him? Why did ot take you so long to act? Why didnt you hop the fence but rather do a light jog around the park?

  2. As I cannot read minds, I cannot know if the self-harming victim is associated with Trump’s harmful and divisive ideologies/propaganda. What is troubling is that they chose or that due to a mental health issue they were compelled to choose to self-harm for what may have been an act to draw attention to their ideas, in this case, harmful delusion-based conspiracy ideas. A very rare event. If you or a loved one may be experiencing any desire to self-harm, please, seek help from those who are trained to help. Talk to people who are empathetic and who possess the skills to help. Much love to the family and to the close friends of the victim of self-harm. ?


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