‘It’s the end of the Canadian dream’: Lorne Gunter weighs in on Trudeau’s 2024 budget


| Lorne Gunter, senior columnist at the Edmonton Sun, joined Ezra to discuss the Liberal’s new budget, focusing on tax increases and the challenges Canadians face in affording homeownership
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  1. They've rejected ownership??? Um no, we cant afford ownership you numpty.
    My sister works for the city of Calgary and can't afford a house, thinking of leaving just so she can find a small home somewhere.

  2. The only way we're going to get out of this is if the housing market bubble goes splat. And no, there is no housing affordability. Not in Taber, not in Antigonish, nor anywhere else in Canada. Except Tent City, of course. Looks like we're all slowly headed there.

  3. Politicians in Canada are funny to say the least. People, young professionals that can not afford housing in Canada are investing (taking their money) somewhere else and waiting for the time to move out of the country. That is what is happening, those politicians don’t think people have options

  4. Our city council in Brandon, Manitoba is spewing the same b.s.! "The stats show that there has been a decrease in demand for single detached housing and and quite the demand for multi unit housing." This smells just like covid; everyone around the world was saying the exact same message. Yes, everyone dreams of growing up and living in an apartment. What a load of crap. And where did the stats come from?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjWaoRz7z8c&t=4512s

  5. it’s all about the same thing.
    1- POWER- Create the Problem.
    2- CONTROL- Already Claim to Have the Solution Because you created the Problem, but make yourself seem like the Saviour.
    1-1 Legalization of all Drugs
    1-2 bribes/money/food/jobs/Coercion/and Force.
    2-1 No Guns/No Protests/Digital Credit/credit score/carbon footprint
    2-2 Climate Change/15 Minute Cities/E.V
    3-War . .

  6. All the cameras going up at stop lights and other places in victoria, plus those dismally small overpriced apartments, makes me think of how things are like in china.

  7. The Calgary Mayor is right, just as Karl Schwab is. But in being free, people can now, without any chains simply get up and walk away, which can be the death of a neighbourhood, a city, a province and a country and right now about 30% of immigrants are leaving Canada after their first year here choosing to go elsewhere.
    As well, born and breed Canadians are leaving Canada to the tune of between 10K to 20K per year. That will add up quickly and those leaving are the educated, the upper middle class and the wealthier. Meaning Canada is letting in people who illegally cross our borders who might not have otherwise gotten in, most who will NEVER have a steady job or produce much in the way of taxable income, while the Communist government we have looks for money to support its Sunny Way's philosophy. It ain't going to happen. I worked and lived outside of Canada for almost 10 years in the PRC, so I know Communist and Just+In is a Communist / Fascist. I'll soon be 70 and waited the extra 5 years before collecting my pension. If I can afford to leave this country again I WILL NEVER RETURN.
    The End. Good-Luck and Good-Bye. AD.


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