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Welcoming a Child, Wiggles and All

Introducing Growth Animator Tori Mullin’s Reflection on a Welcoming Church Experience

“Stepping into a new church can often feel like entering uncharted territory, especially when you have a little one in tow. The fear of being met with disapproving glares for a child’s innocent questions or movements can make the experience daunting. For Tori Mullin, a Growth Animator, and their family, finding a new spiritual home was a mission filled with uncertainty. However, their recent visit to a United Church in the city turned out to be a profoundly welcoming and inclusive experience.”

The Entrance and First Impressions

“On a sunny Sunday, as they drove into the church parking lot, a sign pointing them towards the lower side entrance caught their attention. The visible signage and welcoming committee at the door immediately set a positive tone for their visit. The presence of handicapped parking spots and warm greetings from the church members further enhanced their initial impression.”

The Heartwarming Experience Within the Church

“Entering the sanctuary, Tori and their little one were greeted with colorful Pride flags, posters promoting kindness and diversity, and warm smiles from fellow congregants. The explicit welcome extended towards their child, encouraging her to be herself and participate in the service in her way, was a refreshing change. The acceptance of a child’s natural inclination to move and explore was a testament to the church’s commitment to inclusivity.”

A Truly Inclusive Community

“Throughout the service, the themes of hospitality and accessibility were repeatedly emphasized, not as mere words but as tangible actions. The seamless integration of children into the worship experience, the engaging Sunday school activities, and the genuine interactions with other families created a sense of belonging and acceptance. The church’s commitment to creating a nurturing environment for all members, regardless of age, was truly commendable.”

A Heartfelt Thank You

“As Tori reflected on their experience, a deep sense of gratitude overwhelmed them. The genuine welcome extended towards their family, especially their child, left a lasting impact. The desire to return to the church next Sunday, with their child by their side, echoed their need for a spiritual community that embraces and celebrates every individual. For Tori, this church experience was a reminder of the importance of inclusivity, love, and acceptance in fostering a meaningful connection with God and each other.”

In Conclusion

“Amidst the search for a spiritual home, Tori Mullin and their family found more than just a church – they found a community that embraced them wholeheartedly. The journey towards finding a place of worship that resonates with one’s beliefs and values can be challenging, but when met with genuine warmth and acceptance, it becomes a profound and enriching experience. As Tori’s child shared the joy of their ‘new church’ with others, it serves as a reminder of the transformative power of inclusion and love within a spiritual community. May we all strive to create spaces where every individual, regardless of age or background, feels welcomed, valued, and loved.”



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