Discover how Canada’s Budget 2024 prioritizes safe and inclusive communities

Budget 2024: How Canada is continuing its commitment to safe and inclusive communities

“Living in a safe and inclusive community is a fundamental aspect of a comfortable life in Canada. This is especially crucial for newcomers as well as all Canadians. The Canadian government’s recent release of the 2024 Budget highlights its ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance Canadians’ confidence in their ability to live and thrive in safe and inclusive communities.

Canada’s commitment to inclusivity

Canada has long prided itself on its diversity, welcoming newcomers from around the world for generations. The government aims to make communities more inclusive, welcoming, and resilient for all Canadians. In the 2024 budget, specific actions were outlined to preserve and improve diversity and inclusion across the country.

Supporting gender equality

An investment of over $190 million will enhance accountability, combat abuse, harassment, and maltreatment in sports, and support gender equality by addressing barriers to participation.

Fighting racism in Canada

Canada has invested over $260 million since 2018-19 to fight racism and hate, ensuring that society continues to be strengthened by Canada’s diversity.

Supporting Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ community

Nearly $150 million over 10 years will support Canada’s first Federal 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan to advance and strengthen rights and embed issues in the work of the Government of Canada.

How Canada is making its communities safer

Canada’s reputation as a safe destination for both visitors and residents is a driving force in its global appeal. In the 2024 Budget, the government outlined actions to continue making Canada’s communities safe.

Protecting children

A $52 million investment over five years will hold large online platforms accountable for reducing harmful content exposure and establish a Digital Safety Commission.

Protection against hate crimes

Investments are being made to help communities at risk of hate-motivated violence by providing security infrastructure at gathering places.

Reducing workplace harassment

An investment of $30.6 million over three years will fund legal advisory and education services for victims of workplace sexual harassment.


As Canada continues to prioritize safety and inclusivity in its communities, it is essential to recognize the government’s efforts in supporting diversity, gender equality, and combatting hate and discrimination. By investing in the well-being of all Canadians, Canada is creating a more resilient and welcoming society for generations to come.”



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