Cosigned Toronto home mortgage raises questions about Chrystia Freeland financial management skills


| Ezra mentioned that Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland is serving as finance minister despite having ‘no background’ in financial matters.
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  1. This guy seems like he might be in his 40’s, so it’s tough for me to understand how he doesn’t understand basic mortgage principles. If your in your 40’s your earning potential is much lower than somebody in their 20’s. Like at 40 you will be retired before your 30 year mortgage term is up, so if you ever can’t pay you will be pretty much screwed. In your 20’s when your mortgage is almost paid you still have 10-15 year to earn more money if you need to refinance

  2. The house was above her paygrade, but she would eventually grow into it. She had no business buying that house. But she had a target audience she was courting and the reason for the neighborhood choice.


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