Canada’s fiscal track remains unchanged, says Macklem

Macklem: No significant change to Canada's 'fiscal track'

“Bank of Canada Governor Assures Fiscal Stability in the Face of New Budget Measures”

Sub-Heading: Assessing Canada’s Fiscal Position Post-Budget Release

Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem remains optimistic about Canada’s fiscal position despite the implementation of new spending measures outlined in the federal government’s budget. Macklem emphasized that the budget has not significantly altered Canada’s economic trajectory, citing increased revenue streams and higher-than-expected economic growth as key factors in maintaining fiscal stability.

Macklem affirmed that the budget adheres to the fiscal guardrails set by the government, which include keeping the debt-to-GDP ratio on a declining track and deficits below one per cent of GDP in future years. With a projected deficit of $39.8 billion for 2024-25 and a gradual decline to $20 billion by 2028-29, the budget aims to strike a balance between economic stimulus and fiscal responsibility.

Sub-Heading: Considerations for Inflation and External Risks

In light of recent economic developments, Macklem highlighted the impact of inflation on Canada’s economic outlook. Annual inflation in March rose to 2.9 per cent, primarily driven by increased gas prices. While the Bank of Canada anticipates inflation to hover around three per cent in the first half of the year before moderating to below 2.5 per cent by the end of 2024, a return to the target of two per cent is projected by 2025.

Furthermore, external factors such as geopolitical tensions in regions like the Middle East and Ukraine pose risks to inflation levels, particularly with oil prices experiencing volatility. Macklem underscored the need to monitor these global events closely, as any sudden spikes in oil prices could have repercussions on Canada’s economic landscape.


As Canada navigates through the complexities of economic recovery and fiscal management, Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem’s reassurance of fiscal stability post-budget release provides a sense of confidence amidst uncertainty. With a strategic focus on maintaining fiscal guardrails and addressing inflation concerns, Canada’s economic resilience is poised to withstand external shocks and disruptions. As the country continues its journey towards sustainable growth, the proactive approach taken by policymakers underscores a commitment to steering Canada’s economic course towards long-term prosperity and stability.”



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