Bitcoin halving: What it means and why it matters


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are watching Bitcoin closely as the long-anticipated “halving” unfolds this week.

The halving comes after bitcoin hit an all-time high of US$73,803.25 in March.

Bitcoin was designed from its inception by its pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto to have a capped supply of 21 million tokens. Nakamoto wrote the halving into bitcoin’s code to reduce the rate at which new bitcoin are released into circulation.

As Global’s Anne Gaviola explains, some see this as a vital event that will solidify Bitcoin’s value as an increasingly scarce commodity, while others see it as little more than a technical change talked up by speculators to inflate its price.

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  1. I think people need to realize all their money is controlled by the government, and bitcoin is a hedge to that since its decentralized. Not saying go all in, but having a 5% allocation isn't a bad investment.

  2. !!!My outlook on money changed when I realized someone making $300,000 can retire broke & someone making $80,000 can retire a multi-millionaire. With the current market movement, you have $100,000 to invest. Where are you investing it?

  3. and yet the only ones being penalized are bit coin miners who are seeing less and less reward for the mining. also there will be a point in just a few years where the maximum bit coin will be mined and then bitcoin will become completely worthless as it will have to charge fees upon fees to maintain value at first and then that will lead to its destruction. also that Block Sailor' the bots are mentioning in the comments is a scam there was a youtube video on it by Facto sidd


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