Why Indians in Canada are opting out of participating in the largest election ever

It’s the biggest election in history. Here’s why few Indians in Canada will take part

“Over 969 million people have registered to vote in the 44-day general election in India, making it the largest election in history. However, the participation of overseas Indian citizens remains scarce due to the in-person voting rule.

The Dilemma of Overseas Voting

In the 2019 Indian general election, only 25,606 votes came from overseas voters out of more than 600 million cast. This pales in comparison to countries like the Philippines, where overseas voters have more convenient options like voting by mail or at consulates and embassies.

The Case for Inclusion

There have been discussions about different voting methods like proxy voting, electronic voting, postal voting, or voting in diplomatic missions for overseas Indian citizens. While progress has been slow, the desire for many Indian citizens living abroad to participate in the democratic process remains high.

A Growing Interest in Indian Politics

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration coinciding with India’s rising international profile and economic clout, overseas Indians have shown increased interest in the country’s politics. The Indian diaspora contributes significantly to the Indian economy through remittances and funding for political parties.

Looking Towards the Future

The upcoming election in India is crucial for many, including overseas Indians like Naseer Mehdi Khan, who see it as a pivotal moment in the country’s development. While challenges like the current voting restrictions for overseas citizens persist, the desire for participation and the hope for continued stability in Indian politics remain strong.

As the election unfolds, the world watches closely to see the outcome and its implications for India’s future. The voices of overseas Indians, eager to have their say in shaping the country’s direction, continue to echo across borders.

In the end, the importance of inclusive and accessible voting procedures for all Indian citizens, regardless of location, is essential for upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring that every voice is heard in shaping the nation’s future.”



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