US stops UN from recognizing Palestinian state through membership


The United States effectively stopped the United Nations (UN) on Thursday from recognizing a Palestinian state by using its veto in the Security Council to deny the Palestinian Authority full membership in the world body.

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  1. What a fu- – ing explanation. US wants two states solution nut only after they, The Palestinians and Israelis negotiate. Israel has nothing to negotiate.
    There, Hypocrites are always a Hypocrite.

  2. Instead of helping facilitate decisions to provide international cooperation….

    They make decisions governed by a few, driving us further into misunderstanding, misrepresentation, and chaos with the real threat of another world conflict unlike we have ever seen.

    the reactions and choices In the last 5 years are proof of this, this next generation of UN workers and policy makers are not qualified after a performance review.
    They need to reevaluate their criteria for hiring.

    The UN is becoming the problem they were trying to overcome

  3. Funny, they've pushed and pushed for the neutral countries surrounding Russia, including Ukraine, which is their newest member but they veto Palestine? Well, maybe Palestine should go see if they can join the BN instead of the UN, they'd probably have much better backing!!

  4. Nakba-Zionism-Balfour declaration history lesson on RT International & Aljazeera. Killing Gaza-The Grayzone. George Galloway MOATS Scott Ritter-Richard Medhurst. CGTN Telasur Middle East Eye journalists in Gaza


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