Trudeau likely on his ‘last stand’ as leader of Liberal party: Political expert


Amid wavering faith in the federal Liberals, political expert Lydia Miljan breaks down what she says is Trudeau’s ‘last stand’ as leader.

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  1. trudeau and his crew have massively proven, after more than 8 years, that they’re the WORST GOVERNMENT Canada has ever had. Sunny ways are pretty DARK after 8 years of j. trudeau.

  2. I have never been polled and I would like to know what qualifying questions are being asked for these polls, because honestly I don't know anyone who opposes the liberals even my own son who is 33 years old. Says none of this is Trudeau's fault.

  3. Re: Capital gains tax and "generational fairness" – "Somehow our children are going to benefit if I pay more taxes. No, my children are waiting for me to die so they can inherit and if that's all taxed away, they aren't going to benefit."

  4. She knows what she’s talking about. Raising capital gains tax to help the youth, yet that taxes the money made from those same youth when it comes to their inheritance


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