Toronto MP calls for action against rising hate


Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie speaks with Independent member of Parliament Kevin Vuong.

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  1. They stir up strife in our country, seeking to place Fear and Intimidation in many. They scheme to separate and divide the nation by their hand, while chanting death to Jews and Infidels.

  2. In order to re engineer society 5 institutions need to work in sync…….Politicians, Prosecutors, Professors, Police & the Press………name one of these that hasn't or doesn't continue to play a huge role in the Middle East hate that has been imported with purpose to Canada

  3. Isn’t it nice that these cowards can protest and make threats in a safe country like Canada because they don’t have to guts to go back and fight for what they supposedly believe in. Take a look at pictures of Iran in the 1960s and the pictures of Iran and Afghanistan now coming to Canada soon.


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