Survey reveals new immigrants prefer Conservative values, oppose high immigration quotas.

Recent immigrants lean Conservative, disapprove of record immigration targets: poll

“Recent Canadian Immigrants Concerned About High Immigration Levels and Political Alignments

Recent immigrants to Canada are expressing their worries about the high levels of immigration and are leaning towards supporting the Conservative party, as per a recent Leger poll. This shift in political alignment signifies a growing concern among new immigrants regarding the current immigration policies in Canada.

Immigration Levels: Too High or Just Right?

The Leger poll, which surveyed over 2,100 Canadian adults who immigrated to Canada within the last decade, revealed some interesting insights. A significant 42% of respondents felt that the current immigration plan proposed by the Liberals would result in admitting too many immigrants into the country. On the other hand, 34% believed that the plan would bring in the right amount of immigrants, while 7% thought it would fall short. This divide in opinions highlights a challenging issue faced by the Canadian government in striking a balance in its immigration policy.

Differing Perspectives Across Provinces

Interestingly, the survey also pointed out that residents of Quebec were less likely to believe that the current immigration plan would bring in too many immigrants compared to other provinces. This regional disparity in perceptions underscores the complexity of the immigration debate within the country.

Political Alignments Among Recent Immigrants

When asked about their political preferences, 24% of recent immigrants stated that they aligned most with the Conservative party, followed by 22% who favored the Liberals. These results indicate a significant shift in support towards the Conservative party among new immigrants, possibly due to the party’s stance on immigration policies.

Challenges in Immigration Policy

The debate around immigration levels and political alignments among recent immigrants highlights the challenges faced by the Canadian government in managing its immigration system effectively. With differing opinions and shifting preferences, finding a middle ground that satisfies all stakeholders remains a daunting task for policymakers.

In conclusion, the voices of recent immigrants in Canada bring to light the complexity of the immigration debate and the need for a balanced and inclusive approach in shaping immigration policies. As the country grapples with addressing the concerns of new arrivals and maintaining a sustainable immigration system, fostering dialogue and understanding among all parties involved is crucial for building a stronger and more cohesive society.”



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