Some Tim Hortons customers angered after major prize win turns out to be a glitch


Some Tim Hortons customers are angry after finding out a major prize notification was just a glitch. CTV’s Heather Senoran reports.

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  1. Anyone who has played McDonald's Monopoly should do a bit of research. They fixed it so that there were no winning tickets issued in Canada.
    Stop eating garbage. They have you drooling for nothing, and their "food" is so bad for you.
    Take a salad, a power jar, a sandwich, leftovers. No plastic or paper waste, and you have the added bonus of not dying of a massive coronary before age 50.

  2. I remember when you wanted to get a coffee and donut at Tim’s was a 10 min wait in the drive thru. No with all the sandwiches and now pizzas they are selling to compete with fast food joints it’s more like 30 minutes, defeating the purpose of a quick coffee when you’re out for a run. I think they need to rethink who they are and why they were successful as a coffee shop. Now they’ve just another fast food joint. Sorry Tim’s you’ve lost a customer.

  3. Who supports tims anyways all they hire is international students who don't speak English,and if you aren't Indian you don't get hired stay away and let there business fail.


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