Roll up to win? Tim Hortons mistakenly tells customers they won $55K boat


Tim Hortons is under fire again after mistakenly telling some customers they had won big – the second time in over a year the coffee chain has made such an error.

Some customers in Canada got an email Wednesday congratulating them for winning a fishing boat and trailer worth nearly $55,000 as part of the Roll Up to Win contest.

They were later informed the email was incorrect, blaming “human error” for the mistake.

As Mark Carcasole reports, the experience has left some customers with a bad taste in their mouth.

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  1. I'm just thinking of Tim Hortons I don't know why they would do this to other customers and all that kind of stuff I might think a class action lawsuit would be the best bet I hope you guys win

  2. One side because the law is not on the side of the consumer the law favour corporations like Tim Hortons their should be more stringent laws on the Tim hortons and giving out the prizes and should be liable for putting out stupid emails that piss off their own customers and why .most laws on this topic are against Canadian consumers it shows. And our government allows it. And the justice system that controls this law favours corporations. Why tries to company? Why trust your legal side?.

  3. !My outlook on money changed when I realized someone making $300,000 can retire broke & someone making $80,000 can retire a multi-millionaire.. With the current market movement, you have $100,000 to invest. Where are you investing it?

  4. If you tell your customers that they’ve won a prize, they are legally obligated to award the prize regardless if they made a mistake or not.

    There’s no gimme-backs here Timmy! Pay out what you owe!

  5. But if the email was recapping what they won, then they should have already known something didn't add up. They should have known BEFORE the email that they won because they apparently rolled up the rim that said they won the boat

  6. 2nd time? I'm thinking this is their out. It seems like a scenario to stop the game when someone who actually wins. It would be easy to launch winning messages to numerous other players then claim it was a mistake which would also cancel out the first winner.


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