Residents of Ontario First Nation sickened after high benzene levels detected


The people of Aamjiwnaang First Nation are demanding a chemical plant, which is located right across the street from their reserve, be shut down after being repeatedly exposed to high levels of benzene, a cancer-causing chemical.

Many said the pollution left them feeling ill and anxious about the air they breathe. Carolyn Jarvis reports on how the First Nation is facing a possible environmental emergency.

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  1. Again with this First Nations propaganda. They are not a nation and never were. Also, they were the uncivilized aborigines. When are you guys going to start covering Canadian government corruption happening everywhere now? The actual First Nation here.

  2. Depleted uranium bombs dropped on Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia
    Yugoslavia-Yemen-Iraq-Syria… add Ukraine now. Why 140 leader's attended BRI Forum in Beijing cooperation in Agricultural-Poverty alleviation-STEM Healthcare-Infrastructure Domestic manufacturing. CGTN The Point-Hub-Heat. RT International Africa Summit-SPIEF 2023-BRF

  3. Updated: ??? “Been that way for 30 years.” – U.S. Justice Department on the lack of Human Rights in Oklahoma County Jail, 2020

    “Makes me feel human again after this place.” – Oklahoma City Art Museum review after life in the local shelters (20+ years in the making), 2024

    “It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.” – Nelson Mandela ??

  4. Why the hell is the reserve in that heavy industrial area! Are we still trying to kill Indigenous people? This isn’t the only place they’ve built industry all around a reserve either, there are others in Ontario.
    Of course government should shut them down, give them maximum fines for toxic emissions and give the reserve new clean land and build them a new community. They shouldn’t have to go through this type of thing over and over and have to fight for years for help.
    Shame, shame, shame on the companies, on whoever gave the industries the permits and zoned the land industrial, shame on all of us for not giving them more support and help . We took their land, are raping the resources , destroying the environment and treating them like they aren’t worthy of a decent life. ???????


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